18Vx2 300mm CHAINSAW (Skin Only)
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The DUC306 is powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries so you get 36V of power and runtime without leaving the 18V platform.

The purpose-built outer rotor brushless motor features a direct drive system for high efficiency cutting.

The torque boost mode will increase the chain speed to accurately match the material being cut.

The captive nuts and adjustable automatic chain lubrication make maintenance more efficient, whilst the kickback brake and variable speed trigger provide added safety and control.

Brushless motor - powerful brushless motor produces more power and longer runtimes than brushed motor

XPT - for use in outdoor applications, protection from dust and dripping water is enhanced protecting the circuitry

Torque Boost Mode - used for cutting thicker material, the torque will increase to 50% more cutting efficiency

Metal spike bumper - firmly grips the workpiece to provide more control, making cutting easier

Automatic chain lubrication

Captive nut - eliminates losing the nut when replacing the guide bar

Climbing Ring - allows the chainsaw to be connected to an arborists harness

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Brand Makita
Warranty Makita 2 Year Warranty
18Vx2 300mm CHAINSAW (Skin Only)