STANLEY Fatmax Chalk Line Layout Set 30M - 47.681

Fatmax Chalk Line Layout Set 30M
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- 4 oz. Bottle Blue Stanley Chalk.

- Hi-impact durable water resistant ABS case.

- On-board hook storage for convenience.

- Twisted polyester line with 23kg breaking strain for more abrasion resistance and longer life.

- Quick gear release button allows line extension without crank rotation.

- Patent chalk view window to see exactly how much chalk you have left.

- Stainless Steel end hook.

- 3.5:1 gear ratio for fast rewind.

- Durable die cast aluminium housing for strength and durability.

- Integrated belt clip for convenience.

- Can be used vertically as a plumb bob.

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Brand Stanley
Fatmax Chalk Line Layout Set 30M